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Kajal & Ronak

“Bhowmik and his team took the most natural pictures, letting us enjoy ourselves and the moments and not worry about posing for endless photos.” – Kajal & Ronak

There are two types of couples, based on what we’ve witnessed over the years. There are those who enjoy posing for endless photographs, and then those who prefer candid shots above all else. The second type was undoubtedly Kajal and Ronak, and we did our best to live up to their expectations.

Kajal recruited a team of henna artists to apply henna to the guests’ hands to kick off the South Asian wedding festivities. It was an excellent way to engage everyone in the festive spirit.

Kajal’s outfit of Blueberry Blue and Magenta for the Pithi ceremony complemented wonderfully with the amazing decor of @divinedecorofdallas. It was a vibrant occasion, and we captured some incredible images of our radiant bride. For Ronak’s traditional Pithi ceremony, he chose a porcelain white Panjabi.

In Rose Pink and midnight Blue attire, Kajal & Ronak complemented each other in the Garba ritual. In the midst of family photoshoots, we tracked down our energetic couple for some posed formal photographs. It was time for some music and dancing after all of the formalities. Kajal showed off some incredible dance moves, and Ronak didn’t hesitate to join in. It was a very enjoyable and lovely occasion, with everyone participating in the festivities and dancing to their hearts’ content. They even had a snow cone truck for the Garba break for cooling off!

“Our confidence in him grew as time moved forward…he was forthcoming, willing to listen to all our ideas and requests, and more than anything, he made sure to execute them.” – Kajal & Ronak

Getting-ready shots are always a favorite for us. As @dream_merchants worked their magic on Kajal, we did ours! @gaillardiaweddingsevents was an absolutely stunning location in Oklahoma for wedding photos. It had such a royal feel to it, which went well together with our bride and groom.

The weather was gloomy, but the rain had ceased just as we were getting ready for some picture sessions. Our efforts to take beautiful images were not hampered by the lack of sunlight. In fact, we took advantage of the gloomy skies and shot some magical moments.

“We simply cannot say enough great things about Bhowmik and his team. He worked with us (true to his word) throughout the entire process…..Our confidence in him grew as time moved forward…he was forthcoming, willing to listen to all our ideas and requests, and more than anything, he made sure to execute them.” – Kajal & Ronak

Kajal & Ronak had the best bridesmaid and groomsmen! We had a fantastic time photographing them in front of the venue, and we secured some of the best group shots of the season. Keeping up with the colorful theme from the beginning, Ronak’s Barat was as vibrant as it gets.

“Bhowmik is honest, hardworking, diligent, patient, and timely. There’s nothing more I would want from a photographer! If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing! 10 out of 10 would highly recommend!” – Kajal & Ronak

It’s no easy feat to pull off an outdoor wedding on a rainy day! On this particular day, however, the universe was on Kajal and Ronak’s side, and the rain had subsided, allowing them to complete their ceremonies properly. Kajal & Ronak organized a lovely outdoor feast of their treasured event, kissing the afternoon sun and embracing the essence of love. We photographed the beaming couple’s utmost happiness from golden hour until dusk.

Following a magnificent wedding ceremony, the reception began with an abundance of glitz and glam, and of course, dance and music! Our bride and groom dazzled on the dance floor in a stunning Black gown and rose Grey suit. As the night grew darker, the entire family joined Kajal and Ronak on the dance floor to celebrate their big day. And they set out for a new beginning with springs in their steps.

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